This blog is about my doctoral research, other research I have carried out in the Kaipara moana and catchment region, Aotearoa New Zealand, and presenting new findings and ideas from projects.  My first post-graduate degree was in marine ecology at James Cook University of Queensland, Australia.  After gaining my PhD, my research interests include nature-culture discourses (onto-epistemologies, practices, ecosystem-based management policy) and intersectionality research of ecosystem management, restoration practices and problematising environmental issues of our time such as loss and degradation of biodiversity, effects and affects of climate change, and sedimentation pollution. 

As a critical social environmental researcher I work across marine ecological sciences and social geographies understanding how social change interacts with ecosystem change and understanding how this nature and culture relationship shapes and informs natural resource management, policy and practices.

I like to use decolonising, feminist and morethanhuman methodologies and geo-creative methods/practices to tease out findings, peoples lived experiences and realities.  I encourage the use of poetry, sculpturing, conversation, walk-abouts, and visual arts to portray knowledge, environmental concerns, eco-affects to the body, home and family/whanau. 

I have been a restoration-conservation practitioner and activist both in New Zealand and Australia so I practice what I find, hear and see.  I work alongside Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and communities to assist with implementing their ideology of ecosystem management and restoration.  Nga mihi nui.


March 2022


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